How To Transform Your End of Winter Funk…

Actually, the ‘end of winter funk’ can arrive any time of year, it just so happens that it visits me in this time of year.  I’m tired of winter and I just feel blue.   I have learned to use my power to transform this heaviness in a safe and effective way:

I engage the Buddhist practice of accepting the unwanted emotions by naming them.  You can create a breakthrough just by naming the feeling and saying, “depressed,” or “funky,” Fighting the funk by making it wrong or pushing it down, only strengthens the pattern.  Naming unwanted emotions is so easy that we often fail to realize how powerful and effective this creative process truly can be.  Next, just give it space to hang out with you.  Easy.

This simple one, two, disengages the resistance.  Try giving your feelings the respect that you want others to give you. You might just notice that offering yourself acceptance by acknowledging your unwanted emotions tend to lift your spirits and brighten even a dreary winter day.  Let me know how it works for you…

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3 thoughts on “How To Transform Your End of Winter Funk…

  1. Of course, one could also argue that naming the feelings makes them more solid, more likely to persist. Abraham says that focusing on an emotion for more than 17 seconds creates a point of like attraction.

    So, if you are feeling funky or depressed, and you name that and stew in it for anything more than a fleeting moment, you are likely to get more funkiness or more depression.

    So, be vigilant about what what tasks you delegate to your mind. Otherwise, the monkey may take charge and give you more than you bargained for, eh?

    1. Good point. For me, the distinction is the intensity. If i”m choosing to not enroll myself
      in anger regarding road rage, for example, I find the Abraham method works very well. However, when I
      find myself deeply triggered by something that hits a core issue, ignoring it doesn’t work.
      “What we resist, persists.” The most authentic and effective way that I have found to transmute
      the trigger is to honor it by acknowledging it and giving it space to be. This seems to neutralize
      the resistance. Thanks for sharing…

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