living on the edge woman sitting on a ledge

Living On the Edge

Live on the edge—invite risk

Court the unknown

Breakthrough and create your new life

One that amazes that small, safe, comfort-zone version of you!

With today’s New Moon Solar Eclipse, I wonder what risks you are taking to court your new life?  I challenge you to rock your comfort zone.  Surprise and delight yourself….

Living On The Edge here

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About Laurel Brookes

Life teaches us that everything in our past builds the foundation for where we are presently. Laurel’s life-long commitment to doing her own inner work, her background in Teaching, MS in Counseling, and a 25- year Energy Work Practice, has anchored her with the wisdom and expertise to gift others with this amazing transformational and heart-opening process. She received her Certification in EFT in 2011. She has also experienced Trauma Training, and Art of Feminine Presence Training. In order to open to universal healing energies, one must feel safe with their practitioner. Laurel has the ability, intuition and experience to assist clients through trust, to transmute disempowering patterns and limiting beliefs with this gentle, safe and highly effective process.

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