Couples Connection

from good to amazing

  • Upgrade your ability to share authentically with your partner so you can continue coming to the relationship generously, joyfully and openly
  • Communicate within a space of respect and safety
  • Be acknowledged, seen and heard
  • Enjoy a new level of intimacy and closeness in your relationship

Couples Connection may be for you if:

  • You already have a good relationship
  • You withhold from your partner at times…
  • On certain topics you communicate in circles
  • Your relationship lacks appreciation or attention

“Laurel gave us a format, exceptional  safety,  and provided a level of comfort that was astonishing in its supportive value.  I am sure we’d have never reached this particularly harmonious  place without her guidance. The session was  beyond invaluable.  I encourage any two people who wish to feel more congruent and relaxed with one another to give this a try!  Recommended without hesitation.” -L Schiller Hanna, Medina, Ohio

Facilitated by:

C. Laurel Brookes, MS, EFT Certified

 Laurel has years of skill and experience empowering couples to communicate with respectful authenticity.  She is a graduate of the Landmark Communication Courses and holds an MS in counseling.   For more information about Laurel, visit:

Couples Connection Includes:

Phone interview

Initial extended couple’s session

Follow-up visit                                                $700  investment

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About Laurel Brookes

Life teaches us that everything in our past builds the foundation for where we are presently. Laurel’s life-long commitment to doing her own inner work, her background in Teaching, MS in Counseling, and a 25- year Energy Work Practice, has anchored her with the wisdom and expertise to gift others with this amazing transformational and heart-opening process. She received her Certification in EFT in 2011. She has also experienced Trauma Training, and Art of Feminine Presence Training. In order to open to universal healing energies, one must feel safe with their practitioner. Laurel has the ability, intuition and experience to assist clients through trust, to transmute disempowering patterns and limiting beliefs with this gentle, safe and highly effective process.

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