Why Folks Blow New Year’s Resolutions and How Not To

Why Folks Blow New Year’s Resolutions and How Not To

It’s that time again.  Many folks make new year’s resolutions but few keep them. 

How about calling it what it really is.  Self- love.  Let’s dissect this a bit.  The thought behind even bothering to set a resolution is to create a condition that makes you feel better about yourself, right?  Being more self-loving is the highest practice you can create to enhance the quality of your life.  It must be at the top of your list. If it’s not, little else matters.

Now, let’s look at the basics at becoming more self-loving:

  1.  Decide to be happy no matter what
  2. Think only empowering thoughts about yourself
  3. Only speak to yourself as lovingly as you would speak to a beloved child or pet
  4. Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life.  Retire your victim
  5. Forgive yourself when you blow 1-4—because you will…

If 1-5 is not at the top of your list, failure is pretty much guaranteed.  And, you’re still wonderful…

Happy New Year!

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About Laurel Brookes

Life teaches us that everything in our past builds the foundation for where we are presently. Laurel’s life-long commitment to doing her own inner work, her background in Teaching, MS in Counseling, and a 25- year Energy Work Practice, has anchored her with the wisdom and expertise to gift others with this amazing transformational and heart-opening process. She received her Certification in EFT in 2011. She has also experienced Trauma Training, and Art of Feminine Presence Training. In order to open to universal healing energies, one must feel safe with their practitioner. Laurel has the ability, intuition and experience to assist clients through trust, to transmute disempowering patterns and limiting beliefs with this gentle, safe and highly effective process.

2 thoughts on “Why Folks Blow New Year’s Resolutions and How Not To

  1. I’ll try to talk to myself lovingly, and above all, forgive myself if I fail to comply with a 50 % of my resolutions.
    Your post is very good!

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