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EFT  Disclaimer:

Our work together will include a shared understanding of what you hope to accomplish and agreements for supporting those outcomes. Although I will share my skills and abilities to support your growth and personal development, my work with you is only a resource. As an intentional and conscious participant in your growth, you will ultimately take all responsibility for and actions related to furthering your life journey.

As part of my practice, I offer a type of energy therapy identified as Emotional Freedom Techniques (“EFT”). EFT which has  promising mental, spiritual, and physical health benefits verified by research studies done by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities as well as extensive anecdotal evidence .  The prevailing premise is that EFT uses the ancient Chinese meridian system to relieve emotional stress  and physiological pain by reducing the stress response (fight/flight/freeze) in the body as it balances the energy system with a gentle tapping procedure which stimulates designated meridian points on the face and body.

You agree to consult with your health care provider for any specific medical problems that may be impacted by this therapy. If you ever have any concerns about the nature of your sessions, please feel free to discuss them with me or with your physician.

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