How It Works

What I Do To Help My Clients:

  1. I teach you how to uncover and begin to appreciate the value of your undesired or hidden emotions so that they become your ally rather than your saboteur.
  1. I teach you how to access your subconscious mind to free trapped limiting beliefs and addictive thought patterns held there.
  1. I give you tools and techniques for self-empowerment that you can ‘plug-in’ the moment you begin to feel your mind slipping into old familiar, memorized patterns
  1. I teach you how to open and embrace your heart so that you can experience your own love in a way that you never dreamed possible.


The reason why these steps are consistently effective  is because my work is based upon these principles:

  • Blocked emotional energy keeps you trapped into repeating self-defeating behavior no matter how much your head may want change
  • Albert Einstein taught that it is impossible to solve a problem at the level in which it was created. Therefore, to create lasting change, the subconscious mind must be accessed because that’s where the problem and the solution lives
  • To change your state of mind, you first must unmemorize self-defeating thoughts and feelings.  This allows you to live in heart resonance (peace and calm)—which is the foundation of real and lasting change.

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