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The EFT “Tapping” Secret to Prevent Heart Disease

Joy is not a feeling.  It is the result of a relationship you have with your heart                                                             -Michael Brown, The Presence Process 

Enslavement by illusion is comfortable.  It is liberation by truth that people fear                                                            -David Hawkins, MD 

Honesty is the gold standard of our relationship with our heart.  The heart longs for honesty, at all cost.  Too often, however, honesty gets hijacked because we’re taught to push down painful, unwanted emotions.  This results in incubating shame and guilt—the grist of heart pain.  It also results in elaborate conflict as we attempt to distance from painful memories.  The heart, longing for simple honesty and acceptance now contracts with the heaviness of dishonesty and shame.  Is it any wonder that heart disease ranks highest in our mortality arena?

It is not the difficult emotions in your heart that cause your suffering.  Rather, it is the judgment or denial of these emotions that creates your pain.  We have so much fear around the territory of the heart that we treat it as a bogie-man.  The truth is that it is your cover up that causes dis-ease—which turns into disease.  Denial is infinitely more damaging than the courage of honesty.

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)  is a safe and gentle method for you to begin to ‘cut the crap’ and explore your heart with respect and compassion.  It is your opportunity to experience those hidden feelings that you have pushed down due to guilt and shame.  With EFT, you get to allow these feelings to surface free of self-judgment.  Finally!

The secret to effective heart work is non-judgment and self acceptance.  You will find that when you are able to accept with compassion whatever you find in your heart—and just let it be—only then will it let you be.  The art of being with challenging emotions is the key to clearing their unrelenting grip on your life.

While this is not a practice for the casually curious, the tenacity of your heart honesty will reap you heart health in body, mind and spirit.

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping and hypnosis are effective practices for opening the heart.  Laurel is skilled in assisting you to achieve freedom  from challenging emotions, to live your life with grace and ease.  Go to:  www.EFTSoulPath.Com to sign up for her blog.

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Thank-You, Donald Trump…

Our recent Presidential election can be seen as a wake-up call of the highest order.  Had Hillary Clinton clinched the deal, many speculate that things would be business as usual and we could have continued sleep-walking through life.  Not so with our current President-elect, Donald Trump.  While it is easy to project our power on the President and expect trickle-down change, we’ve all seen the dismal results this approach delivers.  I propose a radical idea that actually, I cannot claim: Change begins with you and me.  Yes, change starts with grass-roots.  It’s bottom up.  Never, top down.  That’s us, folks.

Funny how we fall for this wishful thinking scam every four years when we buy into corporate marketing thinly disguised as campaign promises. Mr. Snowden reminds us to be cautious about putting too much faith or fear in a President.  Candidates say whatever they think will win them the election.  We know this.  Yet, we still continue to fall for it.  We continue to be angry and disappointed when it doesn’t work.  We forget that it never works–because the real work is our job.  Change begins with you and me.

Given that life is a mirror, our President reflects our individual consciousness.  It seems we’ve got a lot of work to do ahead.  Where to begin?  Perhaps with self-reflection:  Where am I prejudiced? How am I self-absorbed?  Where might I lack compassion?  How am I manipulative?  Where can I practice a little more kindness?  Perhaps it is time for us to take a ‘fearless moral inventory’ and stop looking to a political figure to do it for us.  Along with transforming our inner landscape, here are some ways you can you use your energy for positive outcome in the world:

*Empower Yourself

Get involved in politics at a local level.  Help get progressives elected.  Our local elections influence our lives more than national elections do.  It’s a great place to put your energy.  Knowing that you are doing your part is an awesome feeling.

*Stay Present in the Moment

How Will You Know?  When you’re feeling anxious or fearful, let that be a reminder that you have slipped out of the now.  Avoid ‘chicken-little’ thinking.  Breathe.  Come back to the moment.  It will restore your perspective.

*Be Curious About Your Charges

When you get triggered by other opinions, take the high road.  Teach respect by your actions.  Remember that you do not need agreement from anyone.  When you get activated by the news, put down the article or turn off the TV.  Breathe.  Ask yourself what inside is being activated from your own life?  Find the message it may hold for you. 

*Reset Often

Imagine and hold your desired outcome.  Imagination is more powerful than thought.  Visualize the world you want to live in and remember to be the change you want to see in the world.  “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me,” is our golden opportunity at this critical time in history.  Imagine what we could create together…

To get Wendy Kennedy’s perspective on the election:  click here to view You Tube link

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and hypnosis are effective practices for opening the heart.  Laurel is skilled in assisting you to achieve freedom  from challenging emotions, to live your life with grace and ease.  Go to:  www.EFTSoulPath.Com to sign up for your 20 minute complimentary (no pressure) Discovery Call.