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How You Create The Magic of Gratitude…

Gratitude is a causative energy, not a reactionary emotion~                                                                                                                                                     -Eric Butterworth

This powerful quote by a Unity Movement legend,  is one of my favorites–one that has stuck with me through the years.  Thanksgiving season seems like an appropriate time of year to focus on deepening your gratitude practice.

While it’s normal to use gratitude as a reactionary emotion when someone does something helpful for you, the real power of gratitude lies in using it as a constant mantra in your life.  This practice deepens gratitude’s  power to enrich your life in ways you could never have created through force.  Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuro scientist and metaphysician says that gratitude means that it’s already happened.  As co-creator of your life, in order to consciously manifest your inspiration, you must pair your desire with the emotion of gratitude.  For gratitude is creative magic!

In order to awaken gratitude in your heart, try holding  your beloved pet or a photo of someone you love.  Beam love at them from your heart.  Now, call in the energy of gratitude.  Feel how gratitude feels. Give it love and space.  Expand your gratitude circle daily.  Consistently done, this practice will deepen your appreciation  and joy of life…

A more challenging practice is to express gratitude for the things that you aren’t grateful for.  Having gratitude doesn’t mean that you necessarily like what’s happened, it means that you accept what is.  Used in this way, gratitude can be a means of transmuting your suffering.

I am happy to share a favorite part of my daily gratitude practice with you.  I must admit that it’s the fastest 6 minutes of my day.  Caution:  Tissue alert…

Watch Gratitude Video HERE

Have a happy and grateful Thanksgiving…

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a gentle and effective system of clearing self-sabotage and limiting beliefs from your energy system—so that you can create a life you love!
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Five Secret Ingredients for Manifesting Lasting Change…

Being a life-long student of human potential, I am passionate about discovering methods to achieve real change in life versus rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.  In my quest for body, mind and spirit wholeness, I have discovered three teachers that share timeless wisdom.  Neville Goddard,  Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Joe Dispenza all have a similar message regarding  lasting change.

  1.  Begin with the end.  Visualize already having manifested your desired change.  Feel how you will feel   Desire it with full passion.  Train your mind to only focus on what you want—not on what you do not want or do not have.
  1. Add gratitude.  Gratitude is the motivating ‘glue’ that creates the transformational alchemy necessary for change.  Cultivating deep gratitude is the secret.  As Eric Butterworth,  legendary Unity pioneer tells us,  “gratitude is a causative energy, not a reactionary emotion.”
  1. Passion:  Do you desire your desire more than anything?  Is it the driving force in your life?  Can you feel, taste, smell and visualize it?
  1. Surrender: Let go of your attachment to outcome.  Your only job is to design it, visualize it and release it.  “This or something better…”
  1.   Meditate daily on already having achieved your intention.  Consistency is a big time game-changer.   Consistency is key.

What changes do you desire in your life so passionately that you are willing to exercise these 5 steps with consistency to make it happen?  Be honest.  If the answer is “nothing” that’s okay.  Just don’t torture yourself by saying that you really want something but you just can’t manifest it.    You absolutely can –if you follow the steps with consistency.

Watch Dr. Joe Dispenza on “How to Change Subconscious Programs”

This sounds pretty simple.  Then why don’t most folks achieve their desired life changes?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment below…

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a gentle and effective system of clearing self-sabotage and limiting beliefs from your energy system—so that you can create a life you love! 

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