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What Price Do You Pay For Your Busyness?

Busyness is a boast disguised as a complaint…”  Tim Kreider 

Have you noticed how busy everyone is these days?  While it’s absolutely true that we have a lot to fit in to our schedule, it seems we’ve taken our busyness to a whole new level.  We wear it like a badge of self-importance.  The one with the busiest life wins!  It’s as if our self-identity is wrapped around having a ridiculously over-scheduled life.

Busyness questions to ask self:

  • Has busyness gotten in the way of spending quality time with your loved ones?
  • Does busyness keep you in constant adrenaline mode?
  • Do you have trouble being alone?
  • Are you chronically tired and mask exhaustion with caffeine and sugar?
  • Does it keep you plugged into your distractions and addictions?
  • Do you have trouble thinking clearly and making good decisions?
  • Does it affect your sleep?
  • How does busyness affect your health?
  • Do you feel guilty when you’re not busy?
  • Do you believe that doing is more important than being?

The real deal quick fixes…

If you want to be a recovering busy-a-holic, here are a few tips:

  • Become aware of how you’re breathing. Deepen your breath.  Sigh audibly.  This decompresses and resets  your entire nervous system.
  • Walk and speak more slowly.
  • Engage in less multi-tasking.
  • Eat more slowly with intention. Bless and be grateful for your food.
  • Drive like you have all the time and patience in the world.
  • Unplug and enjoy a quiet walking meditation in nature. Leave your problems behind.  You just may be surprised at the clarity you receive.
  • Watch TV very selectively. Do not watch the news before bed.  It contains powerful negative downloads

Giving yourself alone time is crucial.  It’s in these priceless alone and unscheduled moments that you can deeply listen to that still small voice within that is dying to be heard and acknowledged by you.

I challenge you to get really busy doing nothing.    It may feel really weird at first.  But in the long run, you might notice that your ability to enjoy your life increases significantly—just by being willing to say “no” to that busyness monster.

Watch “The Busy Identity” by Lexie Harvey.  9 minute Ted Talk  click here

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a gentle and effective system of clearing self-sabotage and limiting beliefs from your energy system—so that you can create a life you love! 

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Five Secret Ingredients for Manifesting Lasting Change…

Being a life-long student of human potential, I am passionate about discovering methods to achieve real change in life versus rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.  In my quest for body, mind and spirit wholeness, I have discovered three teachers that share timeless wisdom.  Neville Goddard,  Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Joe Dispenza all have a similar message regarding  lasting change.

  1.  Begin with the end.  Visualize already having manifested your desired change.  Feel how you will feel   Desire it with full passion.  Train your mind to only focus on what you want—not on what you do not want or do not have.
  1. Add gratitude.  Gratitude is the motivating ‘glue’ that creates the transformational alchemy necessary for change.  Cultivating deep gratitude is the secret.  As Eric Butterworth,  legendary Unity pioneer tells us,  “gratitude is a causative energy, not a reactionary emotion.”
  1. Passion:  Do you desire your desire more than anything?  Is it the driving force in your life?  Can you feel, taste, smell and visualize it?
  1. Surrender: Let go of your attachment to outcome.  Your only job is to design it, visualize it and release it.  “This or something better…”
  1.   Meditate daily on already having achieved your intention.  Consistency is a big time game-changer.   Consistency is key.

What changes do you desire in your life so passionately that you are willing to exercise these 5 steps with consistency to make it happen?  Be honest.  If the answer is “nothing” that’s okay.  Just don’t torture yourself by saying that you really want something but you just can’t manifest it.    You absolutely can –if you follow the steps with consistency.

Watch Dr. Joe Dispenza on “How to Change Subconscious Programs”

This sounds pretty simple.  Then why don’t most folks achieve their desired life changes?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment below…

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a gentle and effective system of clearing self-sabotage and limiting beliefs from your energy system—so that you can create a life you love! 

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911 John Just Keeps on Giving…

I attended a Qi Gong seminar last weekend. But the highlight for me was actually not even the seminar (which was wonderful, too).  You see, the seminar kick-off  was 911 John.  John was a 911 firefighter who told his moving and powerful story.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  I decided, at that point that I needed to seek him out.  The next day I went up to John.  I took his hands in my hands, looked into his eyes through my moist eyes, and simply said, “thank you.”  He got it.  We embraced for what seemed to be a very long embrace.  There are no words for my gratitude for what this brave and courageous man did.  I felt deeply privileged to be able to witness and be in the presence of this man.

As I was thinking about this amazing experience the next day, it was as if I could hear John saying to me, “what if you felt this level of gratitude and honor for yourself?”  My first response was to blow off the thought.  Then I thought about how I would have felt if 911 John had blown me off.  I looked in the mirror and began saying those words to myself.  Powerful.  I challenge you to try it…

Thanks for the miracle, John.  You just keep on giving….

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