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The Fear of Joy

“The cultivation of gratitude and joy is the way home”  –Brene Brown

Have you ever noticed that inevitably what follows the feeling of  joy is fear of‘ ‘the other shoe dropping’.  This is driven by the fear that tells you  that this joyful feeling  can’t last.  Wham!  Joy evaporates into the wet blanket syndrome.  Gone.  Fear of joy sounds crazy.  But, we really buy into it.   With a feeble attempt at self-protection, we let fear win.  Another way we mask joy is more subtle but powerful.  We don’t feel worthy of joy.  Joy feels so light that it’s almost kind of scary.   “Who am I to feel this good,” guilt scolds.

The new energies that are birthing on earth call us to be our highest expression.  They invite us to birth joy.  And, joy has a soulmate called gratitude.  It’s a package deal.  Joyful people are always grateful people.

I am discovering that the more I practice gratitude for the little things in my life:  a warm comfy bed, hot cup of tea, birds singing, sunshine and rain,  joy seems to slip in also.  Joy appears as a warm and gentle feeling of well-being that calls me deeply into the present moment with the intoxicating contentment of complete fulfillment.  Ahhh, I’m home.

Cultivating joy and gratitude is a practice.  It doesn’t just happen.  I invite you to be mindful of noticing that it is your choice to call in joy and gratitude.  This awareness alone shifts your focus from what’s wrong to what’s right.  It creates a download of feel-good chemicals that make your heart and your brain sync together. This, in turn, reduces stress.  Simply but powerfully It changes your life little by little.

I would like to share  this conversation between Oprah and Dr. Brene Brown with you,  “Joy:  It’s Terrifying,”   Brene is a highly  gifted speaker—one of my favorites.  Listen and you’ll know why.

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The EFT “Tapping” Secret to Prevent Heart Disease

Joy is not a feeling.  It is the result of a relationship you have with your heart                                                             -Michael Brown, The Presence Process 

Enslavement by illusion is comfortable.  It is liberation by truth that people fear                                                            -David Hawkins, MD 

Honesty is the gold standard of our relationship with our heart.  The heart longs for honesty, at all cost.  Too often, however, honesty gets hijacked because we’re taught to push down painful, unwanted emotions.  This results in incubating shame and guilt—the grist of heart pain.  It also results in elaborate conflict as we attempt to distance from painful memories.  The heart, longing for simple honesty and acceptance now contracts with the heaviness of dishonesty and shame.  Is it any wonder that heart disease ranks highest in our mortality arena?

It is not the difficult emotions in your heart that cause your suffering.  Rather, it is the judgment or denial of these emotions that creates your pain.  We have so much fear around the territory of the heart that we treat it as a bogie-man.  The truth is that it is your cover up that causes dis-ease—which turns into disease.  Denial is infinitely more damaging than the courage of honesty.

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)  is a safe and gentle method for you to begin to ‘cut the crap’ and explore your heart with respect and compassion.  It is your opportunity to experience those hidden feelings that you have pushed down due to guilt and shame.  With EFT, you get to allow these feelings to surface free of self-judgment.  Finally!

The secret to effective heart work is non-judgment and self acceptance.  You will find that when you are able to accept with compassion whatever you find in your heart—and just let it be—only then will it let you be.  The art of being with challenging emotions is the key to clearing their unrelenting grip on your life.

While this is not a practice for the casually curious, the tenacity of your heart honesty will reap you heart health in body, mind and spirit.

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