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How To Resist Holiday Guilt

When we are busy blaming ourselves for our mistakes, we are not really holding ourselves accountable; we are, in fact, holding ourselves hostage…guilt keeps us small, “safely” tucked away from truly taking charge of our lives.  —Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Augustus Masters

People often employ guilt as a kind of balancing act.  “I know I’m indulging myself, but at least I feel guilty.” However, this is not really how it functions.  What guilt really does is give you permission to continue your self-sabotaging behavior.

For example, let’s look at an example of typical holiday guilt.  Imagine you feel guilty for excessive eating or drinking.  What guilt really does is excuse your behavior for a moment, to give you shaky permission to keep doing what you really do not want to do in the big picture.  Guilt becomes your currency or the price you pay to ‘play’.

Are you ready to break through your limiting thinking and transform your guilt? Try this.  Next time you are visited by the guilt-monster, instead of giving it power over you, revise your strategy by saying, “I give myself full permission to _______, guilt-free.  Really feel your discomfort without using guilt as your protection.

Taking guilt-free responsibility for your decisions will anchor desired change.   It may be easier than you imagine.  It just may be your best holiday present to yourself…

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