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Appreciating my Dad

Dear Dad,

Had you lived a few months longer, you would be 101 years old today.

I am blessed to have had you here for so long.  I never told you this in person, but here are some things you taught me:

*ABK.  Always be kind.  All people are sensitive and deserve respect. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  You never preached this.  You lived it.

*Family first.  I felt loved and safe no matter what.  This was not necessarily communicated in words, but by your love in action.

*Share your gifts.  You were all about serving others.  This ranged from a broken appliance, carpentry work or volunteering at the hospital.   You were always a first responder.

You were a man of few words but a huge heart.  Perhaps that is why everyone who knew you loved being in your presence.  You were an amazing role-model for me.  That’s the best part.

I’m so happy that I told you often how proud I was of you.  I hope you could really take that in.

I miss you, Pop, a lot.  But knowing that you’re free of a restricted body to pursue your next exciting chapter helps ease my sadness tremendously.

I hope you have a good birthday…Love always,  Laurel

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