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The Best Christmas Gift You Can Ever Give Yourself

The holidays can be a time of mega busyness–which can result in big stress and little enjoyment of this precious and opportune heart-opening time.  In reality,Every day  invites you to live each moment as a priceless gift. Only you get to decide how you will live this gift. The ‘crazy-busy’ distraction holds a powerful Time-Out  message for those who care to live life more enjoyably.   This is what your Time-Out might look like:

  • Get away. Go off by yourself to your car, bedroom, bathroom  or walk in nature.
  • Breathe: Focus on deepening your breath and following it as it enters your body.  Breathe it down to your belly.  Breathe slowly several times with focused awareness.  This simple exercise will help bring you back to the present moment, calming your nerves and your monkey-mind.
  • Gather all of your thoughts of worry, fear and anxiety and visualize dropping them down your body into the earth as you invite beautiful white light and/or color to enter your crown (top of head) spilling into every cell in your body.
  • Keep breathing in the peace of this light and/or color until you can feel calm radiating throughout your entire body.
  • Only from this place of calm will you actually be able to feel your greatest gift– gratitude. Welcome and embrace your gratitude. Give it space. Tissue Alert!

You have just centered yourself, bringing your heart and brain into coherency.  From this space you will be able to think more clearly and enjoy the love of the season and the gift of today…

Merry Christmas ~

I’m including this profound 6 minute life-changing gratitude inspiration as my holiday gift to you..      Gratitude Video click here

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