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happy new year sign blessing holiday wreath

Sufi New Year Blessing For You~

I send a Sufi blessing of peace and protection, success and prosperity, health and happiness to you and your loved ones…

I ask in the Name of the One to help us all to know
that our hearts are always cared for
that our every step is guided
that we need do nothing alone.
Help to open the way,
to reveal the path,
to make the signs

I ask for nourishment, and support, in abundance for us all.
I ask that all of those who need the gifts that we’ve been given,
find their way to us
without blocks, or veils, or hesitations.

Make our provision easy.
I ask for love and healing.
For mercy and kindness.
For power and ability.
For gentleness and peace.
For strength and success.
For life, for justice,

I ask for love, and light.
For you and your loved ones in this new year

Peace and blessings~

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