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While I drove home yesterday, I was listening to the news. It was very negative.  I became aware that I was clenching the wheel and my body was tightening.  So, I immediately changed the channel to classical music and took a deep breath.  My entire body relaxed.  Ah, relief.

I caught myself as I was getting hooked into the collective thought-body of fear.  Unfortunately, fear is the predominant energy of this shared creation.  And, fear causes suffering.   Since the election, I have noticed fear snowballing in our country.  While it is easy to get seduced into this powerful cesspool,  with a little awareness, it’s also just as easy to bypass the invitation.  Awareness is the key.

Your thoughts count.  When you are in your heart, you send out loving thoughts to the planet.  But, when you are caught in fear, you add to the collective planetary snowball of fear.

Another practice I work on embracing is reminding myself that while I do not have to like what’s going on, it’s not my job to judge it.  Even though I’m not always successful, I’m getting better with practice.   I find myself clenching whenever I judge someone or something.  Just knowing that my thoughts count and either add to global fear or global peace motivates me to choose peace.

I invite you to join me….

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