Is This You?

There are many different situations people find themselves in.  I wonder if you see yourself in one or more of these scenarios?

  • Even though you are a stable, self-aware person, you find yourself spinning from all the demands in your life. You think you should be able to handle it, but you just can’t seem to get a grip.
  • You ‘lose it’ over little things. Your overwhelm prevents you from thinking clearly.   As a result, you find yourself  slipping into self-sabotage and making poor choices when you know better.
  • Your boundaries with other people are lax. You give your power away.  You don’t speak up for yourself.  As a result, you end up feeling resentful and stressed.
  • Even though you know you have so much to be grateful for, you are not feeling grateful. This makes you feel guilty and sad.
  • You have tried to use spiritual techniques and inner reflection to change how you feel, however, it’s just not working.
  • You push-down strong emotions because you fear their wrath. Even though you know that is not the solution, you don’t know what else to do.
  • Even though other people see you as loving– truth be told, you have a difficult time loving yourself.


Clients I Have Served Through The Years:

  • Professionals
  • Spiritually aware people
  • Stable and self-reflective individuals
  • Metaphysical teachers and students
  • Clients who have or have not experienced talk-therapy but are willing…


Shared Values Among Successful Clients:

  • You are open-minded and desire to live out of the box
  • You are committed to experiencing your highest potential no matter what
  • Regardless of the inner fear that labels you ‘selfish’ you are ready to put yourself first for a change
  • You are willing to embrace and transmute your challenging emotions forever
  • You are ready to take a quantum step into loving and opening your heart

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